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Important Points

Like any other software, bugs happen, and unfortunately, some of them are to be found only after the release of the new version.  In most open source projects the solution would be to commit the correction to the SVN and tell everybody to just rebuild the project, or supply new binaries.  However, on the mainframe, especially in Classic z/OS shops, it is very common to find that the C compiler is not even licensed, the users are disempowered to install anything out of the ordinary and most nobody have any access to SVN on the mainframe.

I decided to provide all core libraries including the LOADLIB (binaries) in XMIT format for those who cannot compile, however, be cognizant to the fact that the version in the LOADLIB was compiled under and is specific to the IBM1047 version of EBCDIC.

Since there is no SVN available, any time when there is a need for a patch, I must repack the whole thing.