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Important Points

PCRE 8.33 V01 was the first non-experimental version and is the first one that would be kept for historical versions.

PCRE 8.33 V0.2 was short lived because of a bug and was superseded by 8.33 V0.2a.  The difference was minor and the version was not kept.

PCRE 8.33 V0.2a was the version since 8/13/2013.  It supports GETMAIN, FREEMAIN as front ends for malloc and free, the Posix compliant module and pcregrep that handles PDS and PDSE libraries as well as full support for HFS and ZFS.

PCRE 8.35 (Build 1499) was published on 9/1/2014

PCRE 8.36 (build 1519) was published on 2/10/2015

On 3/19/2015 V1 of the POSIX Regex API for COBOL was published.  This API support z/OS COBOL (was tested on Enterprise COBOL 5.1) and Open COBOL (currently there is a bug in Open COBOL and GNU COBOL, but the team is working on it!)  The published API include support for z/OS and Linux 64.  Support for Windows 64 and 32 bits platforms is planned as well.

PCRE 8.37 was published on 5/27/2015

I did not maintain History for a while.  The current version is PCRE2 10.30 published on 9/11/2017